Fishing Trips

For all fishing enthusiasts.

Reef fishing (3 hours) - takes place 3/4 miles off the coast (at 20 to 30 meters depth) with the vessel anchored. It´s a type of fishing where the bait stays at the bottiom, close to the reefs, for the capture of a greater variety of fish, for example: mackerel, grouper, conger, and snapper, amongst others. The bait used is shrimp and common cockle.

Shark fishing (6 hours) - takes place at high seas (10 miles off the coast) fishing a variety of shark species, such as, blue shark, short fin mako, amongst others. The bait used is sardines. 

Note: This activity is advisable to all lovers of this sport, with or without experience, as you will be accompanied by an experienced crew who will teach you all the secrets there are to know. The equipment and bait are included.





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