Discover all that the best family theme park in the Algarve has to offer, explore a world of magic and fun, full of unforgettable moments.

An exciting new set of watersplash activities. An endless sea of fun for the little ones.


Flying colours - Tropical Birds Presentation, the agility, colour and magic of tropical       birds. An awakening of consciousness.

Dream and Fantasy  - Dolphin Presentation, beauty, tenderness, speed and energy. A       striking presentation that highlights the relationship of trust between   trainers and dolphins.

Wonderland - Seal and Sea Lion Presentation, a tropical island inhabited by the magnificent pinnipeds is the beginning of an unforgettable adventure to an imaginary new world.

Birds of Prey Presentation - The fastest species in nature. The beauty and grace of birds of prey in flight.

 - Never-ending Fun - Catering to true thrill-seekers and those less adventurous, funfor all tastes. Go up, go down, spin around, laugh, and... join the queue again!! 

Litlle Dolphin - A fantastic and educational journey to the underwater world. A true immersion of the human senses into the 4th dimension.

Habitats - The diversity of life both on water and land. A journey to discover nature.

Oceanus - An educational tour to the amazing underwater world. To admire, to learn and to feel!!

Pirates Bay - A magnificient epic and fantasy scenario, gives place to an extraordinary performance of heroes with swords and eye patches, full of perils and stunts.

Dolphin Emotions " Premium"  and " Exclusive"-  Swimming with dolphins is a dream that can be true in the Algarve with a visit to Zoomarine to participate in an unforgettable experience.




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