How to book?

Your reservation must be made through the email of Sunholidays ( .For confirmation of booking, Sunholidays requests a non refundable deposit up to 50% of the total accommodation. The amount may change according to the hotel. The pre-reservation will be kept for a maximum period of 3 days, having to make the payment of the deposit and send the proof of it by email. Upon receipt of payment of deposit, you will be sent by email the reservation confirmation with all the information necessary to carry out the Check-in. The final payment of the reservation will be done on arrival, in cash.

What happens in case of cancellation?

If you wish to cancel your reservation after confirmation and payment done, please send us a email to:; The deposit payment of the reservation is non refundable. For reasons of majeure force, Sunholidays may have to cancel your reservation. In case of happening, Sunholidays will refund the deposit made.

Can I change my reservation?

If you want to change the dates of your stay, you must send an email asking if its possible, but that change is not guaranteed. If you want to add more people to your reservation, we remind you that you can not exceed the accommodation capacity. In some cases it is possible, but has an additional cost.

What is the caution for?

Some properties of Sunholidays requires a security deposit against damages, between 200 € to 500 €. This deposit is used to protect the property from any damage or extras to pay. If everything is in good conditions, the security deposit will be returned within 3 days of your departure. In case of damage, if the value of the security desposit is lower than the value of the caused damages, Sunholidays reserves the right to request the missing value. If the behavior in the unit be considered abusive, Sunholidays reserves the right to invite you to leave and look for an alternative accommodation with you assuming the adjacent costs.

How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

It will be sent to you a reservation voucher with all of the necessary information, and where shows the proof of payment already made by you, and the value that you still have to pay, as well as the procedure of checking-in.

How can i trust Sunholidays?

Unfortunately, in the last years we assisted to many cases of mockery, where people paid for holidays in fictitious places, so doubts are many for those who wants to reserve for the first time in Sunholidays. Situations like this are a terrible image for our Tourism. Sunholidays is a registered trademark of Aorubro, Marketing & Publicidade, Ldª, legal entity no. 509590535, registered in Portugal. We hope to show our professionalism and guarantee you a successful vacation.